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Pinitech WPC Reverse Switch Tester Review
Pinitech just announced a WPC Reverse Switch Tester (see Image 1), which I was able to beta test. I can say definitively that it should be part of the toolkit for anyone who works on pinball games. This simple, inexpensive product (un-assembled $10 and assembled $15) will turn the several hour process of identifying phantom switch closures into a simple 30 minute project. If you opt for the kit it can be assembled in a few minutes as only four connectors need to be soldered onto the board. There are several switch/diode...
Pinitech 64 Switch Matrix Tester Review
In this article I will be reviewing the Pinitech 64 Switch Matrix Tester (see Image 1). The tester costs $47.50 for the kit and $90 assembled. In addition you will need a wire harness kit for different types of games (the tester will work with almost all games manufactured since 1977--more information at the link above). The un-assembled harness kits run $17.50-$18.50 and the assembled kits are $35-$36. The board is silk-screened with the switch numbering system used by Williams on system 3-11. In addition generic manufacturer charts are available for other systems...
Pinball Specific Test Equipment
Here's a few pinball specific pieces of test equipment that come in handy whether you work on a lot of games or prefer something safer than jumpering your boards. These products work well when testing a circuit board in-game, but really shine when testing a board on the bench. Clockwise in the image from the upper left: Solenoid Circuit Tester, Special Solenoid Input Tester, Switch Matrix Tester, Opto Tester and Lamp Matrix Tester. All except the Opto Tester, which is available from Pinbits, are available from Siegecraft. Prices range from $8-$20. ...
3 results - showing 1 - 3