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Ultimate Playfield Restore - Getting Started
This is part one of a six part series on doing a high-end playfield restoration. This article covers removing mylar and evaluating the playfield. For an overview of the process see the Ultimate Playfield Restoration Guide. So lately we have all been seeing these terrible "restored" playfields. Decals lifting under the clear coat, dirt sealed into the shooter lane, too thick coats of clear, water based clear coats with clouding starting to appear, inserts bucking under the clear, no restoration under ramps or slingshots, faded decals under the clear; simply awful work...
Repairing Minor Planking in Clear Coated Playfield
It's not uncommon to find planking (hairline cracks) in a clear coated playfield, and repairing it can be a challenge. While in some cases there is no choice but to sand down the area and re-paint there are some less intrusive options that we'll explore in this article. Note: This article is specific to clear coated playfields. Planking can be caused by either shrinkage of the wood as the playfield dries out over time or by temperature or humidity changes that cause the wood fibers to swell (raised grain). The result looks like a thin...
2 results - showing 1 - 2