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A couple of guys at Professor Pinball (Wes and Eric) have come out with what is probably the coolest pinball mod I've come across. Even better is that it's not only a mod, but a toolkit that allows you to develop your own one of a kind mods which interact with game play. Mere words cannot describe how cool it is, so feel free to check out the video before reading the rest of the article. Their product, called Pinduino, allows you to sense if a solenoid or flasher has been turned on and...
Pinball Mods - Read Me First
The purpose of this article is to help prevent the all too common problems caused by pinball mods that require a power source (typically 5 volts or 12 volts). While a few manufacturers of mods may test the mod to ensure it doesn't overload a pinball circuit and provide accurate installation instructions, the majority don't. In fact the majority of powered mods leave it up to the installer to decide where to connect the power inputs. Just to be clear, problems caused by mods are frequently posted on pinside.com. They are not a...
2 results - showing 1 - 2