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Micro-Blasting Circuit Boards
The two primary reasons for micro-abrasive blasting a pinball circuit board are to remove the green solder mask (commonly, but mistakenly, called the conformal coating) or clean-up oxidation (see Images 1 and 2). In the past this would have been done with chemicals, but due to regulatory and cost issues, micro-abrasive blasting has now become the standard solution. The problem with a mechanical approach is that ESD (electrostatic discharge) is created, which can damage board components. In production environments specifically designed micro-abrasive blasters are used that minimize ESD. Unfortunately with a price tag...
Repairing Alkaline Battery Damage
I see a lot of CPU boards where battery damage is not being treated properly and as a result the alkali continues to eat away at the traces on the board. Eventually it eats through a trace, the board fails and it's sent out for repair (often after being damaged further in an attempt to repair it). This is a preventable issue which has been turned into a major issue. It is important to note that a lot of board repair guys won't take boards with major alkaline damage since it takes more time to repair...
2 results - showing 1 - 2