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Cleaning Pinball Playfield
If you look closely at your playfield your are going to see thousands of tiny scratches. The majority of those scratches were caused by improper cleaning. So when cleaning a playfield we have two goals: get the game clean plus minimize adding any more scratches (which can only be removed through polishing). The first question is what type of cleaning you're doing. If you just picked up the game and it's filthy I would completely strip the playfield and then clean, polish (if necessary) and wax (see the references for polishing and waxing). ...
Magic Eraser
The magic behind the Magic Eraser is the fact that its one and only ingredient, melamine foam, has a structure like fine fiberglass strands that gets down into cracks and removes dirt and grit. This allows for removal of that infamous black grit with less abrasion than other techniques. This product is great for cleaning up ball swirl marks, planking and ball tracks. In the case of planking or ball swirl marks the area will need to be coated with lacquer (older machines) or clear coat to prevent further damage. Magic Erasers are...
Removing Ball Swirl Marks with Magic Eraser
The best way to remove ball swirl marks is with a Magic Eraser and isopropyl alcohol. The magic behind this method is the fact that melamine foam has a structure like fine fiberglass strands that gets down into cracks and removes dirt and grit. The Magic Eraser approach provides a more effective, and safer, method than sanding or polishing. With the latter approaches it is necessary to work the area until the crack has been (pretty much) completely removed. At that point though you will more than likely have also removed playfield artwork. ...
Pinball Cleaning Supplies
There's nothing better than a shiny, clean pinball machine. The question is, what are the best products to use for cleaning a pinball game? Over the years I've come up with the following list of readily available (all except a couple are available at Home Depot), effective and safe products. Note: Unless otherwise noted always spray the cleaner onto your microfiber towel and then clean. Playfield Cleaning -- My personal preference is a citrus based cleaner like ZEP Heavy Duty Citrus Degreaser. While a lot of people use Simple Green, I like...
4 results - showing 1 - 4