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Cleaning Pinball Playfield
If you look closely at your playfield your are going to see thousands of tiny scratches. The majority of those scratches were caused by improper cleaning. So when cleaning a playfield we have two goals: get the game clean plus minimize adding any more scratches (which can only be removed through polishing). The first question is what type of cleaning you're doing. If you just picked up the game and it's filthy I would completely strip the playfield and then clean, polish (if necessary) and wax (see the references for polishing and waxing). ...
Cleaning Inside of Cabinet
Cleaning the inside of a pinball cabinet is always a challenge because while this is typically one of the dirtiest areas on any game you need to minimize the amount of water the wood is exposed to. The best solution I've found is to use a foam carpet cleaner. My preference is Resolve High Traffic Foam and a stiff bristle scrub brush. Spray the foam on the inside area of the cabinet and then scrub briskly with the brush. You can use a couple of brush sizes to help reach corners and other hard...
2 results - showing 1 - 2