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Addams Family Power Magnets
Depending on your perspective, the power magnets (see Image 1) on Addams Family are either a cool toy or a pain in the ass (like when the ball is heading towards your right flipper and the magnet shoots it into the outlane). While it's fairly simple compared to most toys there are a couple of things to watch out for. The biggest problem with the magnets is an electronics failure can cause them to lock them, and overheat, which will do serious damage to the playfield. Note the discoloration around the left magnet in Image...
Addams Family Cloud Topper Lighting
The cloud topper light kit from Lee's Parts is a must have for your Addams Family. I have seen other cloud kits but recommend this one since the LED's mount to the top of the cabinet and the light is directed up giving a very cool blue glow. The LED string comes with the choice of alligator clips or an IDC connector for 12 volts and ground. I strongly recommend the IDC connector based on my experience with alligator clips coming loose and shorting out. The kit comes with good installation instructions. ...
Uncle Fester Mod on Addams Family
I'm not a huge fan of mods, other than lighting, but if you have an Addams Family pinball the Uncle Lester mod from Pinball Pro is a must have. Firstly the electric chair looks pretty empty. Plus if you're familiar with the show Uncle Fester with a lit bulb in his mouth is iconic. The mod is well made and has a LED light that can be connected to either the red or yellow light on the electric chair. It comes with directions that should be sufficient for most pinballers. Although the directions include...
3 results - showing 1 - 3