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Junkyard Pinball
It's not often I run across a game I haven't played before, but it does happen every so often. Such is the case when I attended Pin-A-Go-Go a couple of weeks ago in Dixon, California. The game was Junk Yard, and Williams only manufactured about 3,000 of this game. I spent a couple of hours playing Junk Yard, and in my opinion it has one of the top five pinball toys ever. The general idea of the game is to collect Junk to complete various contraptions. For example, with the hair dryer and...
Soldering Circuit Boards
I don't really care if you want to turn a minor problem into a major problem by overestimating your soldering skills, or thinking soldering a pinball circuit board is easy. Although I would recommend against it. I do care that OEM pinball circuit boards are becoming a scarce commodity and you just ruined one. At least 75% (and maybe as high as 90%) of the people currently soldering pinball circuit boards, shouldn't be. As a result, the board repair shops have all seen a dramatic increase in hacked (non-repairable) boards in the last few...
The Best and the Worst of Pinball
I attended the Pin-a-Go-Go pinball show in Dixon, CA last weekend and found it to exemplify the best and worst of pinball. First the best. As always the people at Pin-a-Go-Go did an excellent job and put on a great show. Plenty of pinballs on free play and a friendly and helpful staff. Not much else you can ask for. On the other hand, I was disgusted by the lack of consideration shown by players when others where waiting to play a game. Of course you always get a few idiots who...
3 results - showing 1 - 3