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Favorite Hacks Part 1
In order to make hacks more fun I always try to figure out the thinking of the person doing the hack. While in some cases the thinking is fairly obvious, in a large percentage there is either no logical reason or the person actually put more effort into the hack than the proper solution would have taken. I don't even know what to say about the allen wrench hack in the first image, other than why leave a perfectly good tool behind. On the second image the person managed to solder one side of the...
Any paint job is better than bare wood...
During a discussion on one of the pinball forums about touching up a playfield, I was told that any paint job is better than bare wood. After looking at the photo of this firepower (image 1) I'm not sure how anyone could make that argument. At least bare wood has character. The paint job actually looked much worse in person. I can never imagine the thinking behind this kind of hack-job, but here's my best guesses. Pick your favorite. I don't have any red paint, but maybe that red...
2 results - showing 1 - 2