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Ball Dead Drop Foam
Don't you hate it when when your shot bounces back out of a VUK or scoop instead of sticking.  Get some Ball Dead Drop Foam from Pinbits and your problems solved.  It comes in a 1" by 6" strip which you can trim to fit.
Backbox Warning Label
There are several options available for fixing damaged backbox warning labels. They can be a little difficult to find though so here are links and info on the various options I've come across. The warning labels where originally done with silkscreen, so that would be the most authentic solution. Merfeldma on Pinside has previously offered System 11 and WPC stencils. You can find contact info (PM) and more at this post for System 11 or this post for WPC. The yellow ink (Nazdar 59000 Enamel Plus Gloss Screen Ink 59LF-134 Medium Yellow)...
Rub On Transfers
Got an older machine with worn decals on the inserts and can't find replacements?  Rub on transfers are a good option for solving this problem.  They're available in a variety of fonts and sizes.  You can find them online at several sites including ezrubontransfers.com. After rubbing on the letters just spray on a little clear paint and you're all set.
Static Cling Removable Vinyl
Sheets of static cling vinyl provide a nice alternative to mylar and can be used to protect painted areas during restoration. It's available at numerous sources online including Amazon. You can also find it at some craft shops. If you don't want to install mylar on your playfield, static cling vinyl is a good alternative. It is easily removable, will not lift playfield art when in good condition and will protect high traffic areas. Pinballpal.com sells a product called Stealth Protectors with pre-cut shapes made specifically for this purpose. The other...
Contact Cleaning Supplies
My personal preference for cleaning contacts is the DeoxIT line of products (see Image 1). They are non-flammable after drying (2 - 3 seconds), plastic safe (although they do say to be careful with aged ABS plastics) and do a very good job of cleaning and protecting gold-plated contacts. The D Series cleaner is available in several packaging options including spray and wipes. The Gold G-series, used to enhance and protect gold-plated contacts, is also available in the same packaging. See this document for an overview of their product line. I use...
iPhone or Smart Phone
While you may think this an odd addition to the tools and supplies section, an iPhone, or smart phone, can actually be used in several ways when working on a pinball. The first is for leveling the playfield. I use a free iPhone app called iHandy Level. In addition to a bubble type level it also displays degrees for perfectly setting that 6 degree tilt on the game. Of course the camera and video are handy for showing off your pride and joy, but you can also use a slow motion playback of...
Pinball Cleaning Supplies
There's nothing better than a shiny, clean pinball machine. The question is, what are the best products to use for cleaning a pinball game? Over the years I've come up with the following list of readily available (all except a couple are available at Home Depot), effective and safe products. Note: Unless otherwise noted always spray the cleaner onto your microfiber towel and then clean. Playfield Cleaning -- My personal preference is a citrus based cleaner like ZEP Heavy Duty Citrus Degreaser. While a lot of people use Simple Green, I like...
Pinball Rivet Tools
Before getting into the various tools available for replacing rivets on ramp flaps let's discuss what a good pinball riveting solution looks like. First is cost. There are some very good solutions out there, but they cost a lot and tend to be large and heavy. My second requirement is that the rivet tool have enough throat and reach to handle hard to get to rivets (see Image 1 of a c-clamp, which has the same limitations as a rivet tool). You can see in Image 2 where the rivet hole...
Pinball Cabinet and Playfield Wood Filler
There are several choices available in wood fillers and which one you use depends on what type of repair you're doing. I always keep Minwax High Performance Wood Filler and J-B Weld Epoxy Putty Stick on hand. I have recently added Abatron WoodEpox and J-B WELD Wood Restore Premium Epoxy Putty to my repertoire. Cabinet Repair For small dings or shallow gouges you can use either DAP or Elmer's wood putty. Although personally I prefer Dolphin Glaze (see references) a two part polyester finishing putty. Whichever you choose, the products are...
Desoldering Tools
When it comes to desoldering there are numerous tool choices. In some cases which one you use is a matter of personal preference while in other cases the tool you use should be based on the job. For purposes of this discussion I'll break desoldering into two categories: under-playfield soldering (solenoids, switches, diodes and wiring) and circuit board components. Basic desoldering tools for under-playfield work include solder wick, a desoldering bulb or a desoldering pump (called a solder sucker by us old-timers). While the latter two items use vacuum pressure to suck up solder...
40 results - showing 31 - 40 1 2 3 4