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Pinball Lubricants
Contrary to some popular pinball myths it's OK, and in fact recommended, to lubricate metal to metal pivot points on your pinball game. The key is to use a good quality grease or oil. Super Lube makes a grease and an oil with PTFE (a newer version of Teflon) that are non-flammable, will not gunk up and repel dirt (see the following excerpt from their spec sheet). Super Lube® Grease is a patented synthetic NLGI grade 2 heavy-duty, multipurpose lubricant with PTFE. Synthetic base fluids and the addition of PTFE micro powders combine to form...
Dracula Opto Board
Homepin makes a replacement opto board for Bram Stoker's Dracula.  Since the IC is no longer available this is a redesigned board.  It replaces part numbers A-15646, A-15646-2, A-15646-4 and 5768-13243-02.  It will also work in Star Wars Episode 1 and the Shadow.
Super Glue
Quick-Set CA (Cyanoacrylate) glue is commonly used on pinball games to repair broken plastics. It is sold under numerous brand names including Crazy Glue and Super Glue (Loctite brand). CA glues are activated by water molecules, which cause a thermal reaction resulting in the plastic parts being fused, or welded, together. This process is what gives CA its high bond strength. Several types are available including thin or thick (often called gel), fast drying or slower drying and come with various types of applicators. An accelerator is also available which will...
Plastex Repair Kit
The Plastex repair kit is a great product for repairing damaged ramps or plastics. Unlike glue this product can be used to replace missing or broken sections of plastic, like a mounting tab on a ramp. You can also use it to repair stripped screw holes in plastics. It works similar to CA (Crazy Glue) in that it fuses with the existing plastic forming a welded joint and like an epoxy, comes in two parts: a powder and a liquid. All you have to do is make a mold for the broken area (they...
Xyron Creative Station
The Xyron 5" Creative Station is a cold laminator that can be used to apply adhesive or laminate (see Image 1). This is about the only reasonably priced way to consistently laminate stock without getting bubbles. It's available at Amazon for about $30 or at your local crafts store. It comes with a matte laminate/permanent adhesive cartridge. This cartridge laminates the front side of the label and applies a permanent adhesive to the back side, which works well for warning labels. The matte laminate gives a good approximation of the original look of...
Hand Punch Set
If you're making your own ramp flaps you will need a hand punch set for making the holes for the mounting screws. The most reasonably priced one I've found is at ToolPlanet.com and costs about $30. From their website: This heavy duty sheet metal Hand Punch will punch 7 sizes or round holes in a wide variety of metals including mild steel, copper, brass, aluminum as well as plastic and vinyl. This tool is perfect for auto body, aviation and general shop use. This high quality tool features: Drop forged heavy...
Double Sided Adhesive Tape
There are several instances where some double-sided adhesive tape will come in handy when restoring a pinball game and getting the right type isn't always easy. 3M makes a product, 467MP Adhesive, which Pinrestore.com sells by the yard in a 3" width.  It's perfect for attaching ramp decals or warning labels. They also sell an automotive molding tape (3/64" thickness) which works well for under side rails and other cases where you need more thickness.
Mylar, Decal and Label Cutting Tools
Fiskars makes a couple of great products for cutting mylar, labels and decals. They will provide a much more professional cut than trying to do it by hand and are reasonably priced. Both products are available at most craft stores. The first is the Fiskars Circle Cutter (see Image 2), which costs about $20. It will cut circles from 1" to 8" in diameter and is perfect for cutting mylar for pop bumpers or slingshots. The second product is the Fiskars Paper Trimmer (see Image 2), which costs about $15. It...
Warning Labels
When doing a pinball restoration it's the little things that make the difference. One of those little things is replacing all of the trashed warning decals with new ones. Inknochnito's page at Pinball Rebel has a wide selection of warning label files. After downloading the file and printing it out it's a good idea to laminate the labels. See the references for an article on applying laminate and an adhesive backing to the images (about half way down the page). Below are the warning labels from a Williams Terminator 2 and a...
Coil Wrappers
Tired of those dirty, missing or torn up solenoid labels. You can buy coil wrappers at Planetary Pinball, they sell both individual wrappers or wrapper game kits. If you'd rather print your own, check out Inkochnito's page at Pinball Rebel and then click on coil wrappers on the left hand side. The wrapper links at Pinball Rebel will give you a non-graphic wrapper. If you want the graphic wrapper, right click on the link and select open in new tab or new window. Then remove _text from the link and hit return. ...
40 results - showing 21 - 30 1 2 3 4