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Rebuilding Flippers
Most games haven't had the flippers rebuilt in years and yet it's one of the easiest ways to improve game play. In most cases two flipper rebuild kits will cost you less than $50 and the time investment is also minimal--a couple of hours. Note: This procedure requires some basic soldering skills (see references). Flipper Overview and Variations While all flippers are very similar in design there are a few variations. In Image 1 you can see an exploded parts diagram for a flipper used in Williams Fliptronics games. Image...
Pinball Lubrication
Whenever you shop out your pinball game it's a good idea to clean and lubricate any metal to metal pivot points. Contrary to some popular pinball myths, modern lubricants are not flammable and will not gunk up and freeze the joint. The problem in the latter case isn't the grease anyways but the fact it typically hasn't been changed in twenty years. It's still a good idea though to use a high quality lubricant like the Super Lube PTFE products that will not gunk up and in fact repel dirt (see references). Do not...
Cleaning Gold-Plated Contacts
Although it's fairly routine for the gold-plated contacts on your pinball game to require cleaning, there is probably no more contentious issue than how, and with what, they should be cleaned. You will find post after post that states categorically that you should never use contact cleaner on switches. That's just not true. Like any other repair, you need to select the right product (see Image 1) and use it properly. Plus contact cleaner will remove oxidation better than other methods. See Image 5 where I first cleaned the contacts with...
3 results - showing 1 - 3