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Wood Patching Guide
This article is intended to provide general wood patching techniques that will help you to complete cabinet, backbox and playfield repair. Even if you have experience with non-pinball wood repair you will find information and techniques specific to pinball repair in the article. For specific pinball repair examples see the cabinet restoration section or the playfield restoration section. Tools and Supplies The first step is to get your supplies and tools together. I keep several types of wood filler on hand for pinball repair: Elmer's Carpenters Wood Filler, Minwax High Performance...
Painting Reference
In this article I will try to clarify the confusing world that is paint selection and application. Hopefully by the end you will be able to answer the question of why black is not always black. If you've ever tried to match black paint on a cabinet or backbox you know just what I'm talking about. Let me say up front that some of the terms for types of paint that should be standard, are not. In some cases the usage of the term has changed over time and in other cases it appears...
12 results - showing 11 - 12 1 2