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Custom Game Cards
One of the easiest, and nicest looking, mods you can make on your pinball is to install custom pricing and instruction cards. The good news is that you don't even need to be artistic since there are a wide variety of custom game cards available on the Internet. Following are a couple of good sites to check out (also Google the name of your pinball and "game cards" or "instruction cards" or "pricing cards." All are free except the Pinball Center illuminated cards (see this article for more info). Pinball Rebel...
Pinball Mods - Read Me First
The purpose of this article is to help prevent the all too common problems caused by pinball mods that require a power source (typically 5 volts or 12 volts). While a few manufacturers of mods may test the mod to ensure it doesn't overload a pinball circuit and provide accurate installation instructions, the majority don't. In fact the majority of powered mods leave it up to the installer to decide where to connect the power inputs. Just to be clear, problems caused by mods are frequently posted on pinside.com. They are not a...
Addams Family Cloud Topper Lighting
The cloud topper light kit from Lee's Parts is a must have for your Addams Family. I have seen other cloud kits but recommend this one since the LED's mount to the top of the cabinet and the light is directed up giving a very cool blue glow. The LED string comes with the choice of alligator clips or an IDC connector for 12 volts and ground. I strongly recommend the IDC connector based on my experience with alligator clips coming loose and shorting out. The kit comes with good installation instructions. ...
Uncle Fester Mod on Addams Family
I'm not a huge fan of mods, other than lighting, but if you have an Addams Family pinball the Uncle Lester mod from Pinball Pro is a must have. Firstly the electric chair looks pretty empty. Plus if you're familiar with the show Uncle Fester with a lit bulb in his mouth is iconic. The mod is well made and has a LED light that can be connected to either the red or yellow light on the electric chair. It comes with directions that should be sufficient for most pinballers. Although the directions include...
Flintstones Custom Translite
I almost died laughing when I saw this custom translite in a Flintstones pinball game.  If you don't catch it at first, ask yourself where the women are.  Also note that Fred and Barnie are doing a little wife swapping and the little alien is "happy." The translite was done by Wrong Crowd Productions, which is no longer in business.
Custom Game Cards and NoFlix Pinball Card
I recently came across some custom transparent instruction and pricing cards at pinballcenter.eu for my Bram Stoker's Dracula Pinball. While the cards by themselves are very nice, what really sets them off is the addition of the electroluminescent NoFlix Pinball Card (see Image 1). The NoFlix Pinball Card illuminates the game cards from behind and provides a very nice red glow on the lower game area that goes well with the game's theme. Note: Each card draws almost 1/2 amp (400mA to be exact) so be extremely careful you don't overload a circuit. ...
6 results - showing 1 - 6