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LED Reference Guide
The dizzying array of LED choices can get a little confusing. Through trial and error I've come up with the following general suggestions for LED selection. Of course every game is different and tastes are different, so feel free to buy a batch of LED's and experiment. Note: Warm LED's are available only in white. Note: Cool colors are purple, blue and green, warm colors are yellow, red and orange (see Image 7). Note: If you're in Europe, pinballcenter.eu has equivalent choices for all of the bulbs mentioned. General...
LED Selection and Usage Part 2
This is part 2 in a two part series on LED selection and usage. In this part we will take the lessons we learned in Part 1 and upgrade a Sega Baywatch to LED's. Since the video pretty well covers the subject I'll just touch on a couple of quick topics. After testing LED flashers I would not waste the money on upgrading them. There was really no improvement and they're fairly expensive. I usually do not upgrade the backbox lighting since it seldom looks much better and often looks worse. ...
LED Selection and Usage Part 1
While installing LED's on you pinball game can provide outstanding results the dizzying variety of options can be rather confusing. This article and video covers the brands and types of LED's available, brightness comparisons, the difference between classic LED's and SMD LED's and the differences between incandescent bulbs and LED's. NOTE: You will get the most out of this information if you read the article and view the video. Types of LED's All LED's (as in the actual LED, not the bulb, which can include multiple LED's) are not the same. ...
Anti-Ghosting LED Comparison
Before we get to our LED comparison let's talk a little bit about the problem. Ghosting is used to describe the behavior of an LED glowing dimly when it should be off. This will occur on a controlled lamp when another lamp or LED in the same matrix row or column is turned on. The cause is a combination of timing in the lamp matrix driver software and an issue with the WPC ASIC. The ghosting problem appears to be limited to Williams/Bally WPC era games, including some Data East games since they use...
4 results - showing 1 - 4