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EOS (End of Stroke) Switch
Most modern pinballs, up until about 1991, use an end of stroke, or EOS, switch on the flipper solenoid. The purpose of this switch is to reduce the current to a flipper when it is held in the up position. Like when you're cradling a ball in the flipper. If high current was maintained for a long period, either the fuse would blow or the driver transistor or coil would burn out. Most EOS switches are normally open and then close when the flipper is in the up position. Some, like the Sega...
VUK (Vertical Up-Kicker)
A VUK, or vertical up-kicker, is used in pinball games to--wait here it comes--kick the ball up. In most cases the pinball will enter a saucer (a circular area just slightly lower than the playfield) and the VUK will fire, either immediately or upon some other sequence being completed. The pinball will be kicked up and typically through a wireform, and in the following example out the skeletons mouth (see Images 1 - 3 from a Data East Hook). The other use of VUK's is when a ball has gone below the playfield and...
2 results - showing 1 - 2