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Pinball Buyers Guide
So you've decided to buy your first pinball. Most people enter this process with both excitement and some trepidation. We've put together the following articles to guide you through the process and hopefully make buying your first pinball both fun and successful. Deciding What Pinball Game to Buy This guide will walk you through the five factors you should evaluate to determine which type of game you should buy. What's a Pinball Worth This guide will point you toward the resources for general pinball pricing. In addition the...
Deciding What Pinball Game to Buy
The first two questions you need to answer before buying a pinball game are what is your budget and what type of game are you looking for. This article is intended to help you make the best choice, especially if this is your first pinball. The areas you need to consider are: maintenance, game play, theme, condition and budget. Maintenance The first thing to consider before buying a pinball game is they are aged, electromechanical devices that have been in tough environments and typically not maintained well. You will need to...
Buying a Pinball
You've decided which game(s) you're interested in (see Deciding What Pinball Game to Buy), come up with a budget (see What's a Pinball Worth) and now you're ready to buy your first pinball. Not so fast though, if you haven't really read the two aforementioned articles, do that first. If you have, let's get started. Finding a Pinball Your first challenge is to find the pinball you want, in good condition and for a reasonable price. If that sounds easy, it's not. This is really a case of where you need...
What's a Pinball Worth?
Well... it depends. A good analogy is classic cars. All of the following affect the value of a classic car: the manufacturer, the model, the era of the car, the quantity made and the car's condition. The same goes for pinball games. Some rare games go for over $15,000 while many fun solid-state games in average condition can be picked up for around $1,000. Games with DMD's are generally considered to be move valuable than a game made a year earlier with digital displays. 1990's era games, and newer, tend to be...
4 results - showing 1 - 4