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Just completed a series of articles on LED's.  The first, LED Selection and Usage Part 1, covers the variety of LED's available, general pricing and the differences between them.  Also discussed are the differences between incandescent bulbs and LED's, which should be considered when upgrading to LED's.  Includes an extended video.

The second, LED Selection and Usage Part 2, takes the lessons from the first article and puts them in action as I upgrade a Sega Baywatch to LED's.  Covers GI lighting, inserts and flashers.  Includes an extended video.

The third article, LED Selection Guide, provides guidelines and recommendations for selecting LED's for the following applications: backbox GI and flashers, playfield GI, inserts and flashers, spotlights, exposed bulbs and bumpers and lanes.  This provides a quick summary you can print out of all the info presented in the first two videos.

The next article, Anti-Ghosting and Anti-Flicker LED Comparison, explains ghosting, or flickering, and compares the three LED solutions: Ablaze Ghostbuster, Cointaker Premium and the No-Flix from pinballcenter.eu.  The last article, Custom Game Cards and No-Flix Pinball Card, evaluates custom game cards and the No-Flix pinball card from pinballcenter.eu.  This is a great upgrade that really makes your game cards pop.  Both of these articles include an extended video.