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Just finished up our basic and advanced soldering tutorials, including videos.  The Basic Soldering Tutorial and Basic Desoldering Tutorial are oriented towards beginners who want to repair wiring or replace solenoids, diodes and switches.  Both are structured to get you soldering quickly and properly and include quizzes to measure your progress.

Our three part advanced series is oriented towards hobbyists with some soldering experience who want to move on to repairing pinball circuit boards.  The first tutorial, Advanced Soldering - Tools and Supplies, provides you with all the information you'll need to select quality equipment.

The next part, Advanced Soldering Tutorial, covers everything you'll need to know to properly solder circuit board components.  The last part, Advanced Desoldering Tutorial, does the same for desoldering circuit board components.  Once you've completed the series you can give our Advanced Soldering Quiz a try.