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The Best and the Worst of Pinball The Best and the Worst of Pinball Hot

I attended the Pin-a-Go-Go pinball show in Dixon, CA last weekend and found it to exemplify the best and worst of pinball.  First the best.  As always the people at Pin-a-Go-Go did an excellent job and put on a great show.  Plenty of pinballs on free play and a friendly and helpful staff.  Not much else you can ask for.

On the other hand, I was disgusted by the lack of consideration shown by players when others where waiting to play a game.  Of course you always get a few idiots who will finish their game and then punch start without even looking behind them, but I spotted what to me was something new.  I saw several people punch in four players and then play all four games by themselves while other people waited.


And just to be clear, the people exhibiting this atrocious behavior were not newbies, they were all experienced pinball players.  Never one to be shy, I commented each time I caught someone doing this, but was just ignored or got a smart ass comment.

OK, on to more fun things.

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The Best and the Worst of Pinball
The Best and the Worst of Pinball
The Best and the Worst of Pinball

I almost fell over when I saw the this custom translite in a Flintstones pinball game (see image gallery).  If you don't catch it at first, ask yourself where the women are.  Also note that Fred and Barnie are doing a little wife swapping.  I did a little research and the translite was done by Wrong Crowd Productions.  Great job guys.

My daughter and son-in-law where with me and I caught Jon (he's 6'2" by the way) playing the Super Mario Brothers Mushroom World pinball by Gottlieb.  I'm sure my daughter will be passing that photo around (see gallery).

One last thought on my experience at the show.  Almost 90% of the modern era pins had LED kits installed, which surprised me, although I guess it shouldn't have.  In general they looked great, but there where quite a few where the LED"s where way too bright, which distracted from game play.  In a couple of cases I was left with colored, bright spots in my vision for a couple of minutes after playing the game.

If you're going to upgrade to LED's you really need to be careful about going too bright and always test the game in dim room lighting.  While the game may look great, anything that distracts from game play is a bad thing.  I've included a photo of a Attack From Mars that was way too bright, although the image doesn't show the problem very well.

As Oscar Wilde once said, "Everything in moderation."