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Comet Pinball (my go to led vendor) has recently added several products that are worth writing about.   Art has added two led strips; a 3 led 12 volt for flasher circuits and a 6.3 volt (AC/DC) 3 or 7 led strip that comes with a variety of connectors for easy installation.  See this post on Pinside to see some examples of how pinballers are using them.

Also new is a high-powered spotlight (center led in image) with a wide throw that unlike many spotlights will work in numerous applications, a fluted bullet (bottom-center in image) which is perfect for GI lighting and provides the same brightness as recent Stern games, Optix Maximus (bottom-left in image) which is also a good choice for GI with 300 degrees of very bright light and Ultimate Optix (bottom-right in image) which is non-ghosting and no-flicker.  This last bulb is an excellent choice for those that are sensitive to GI or controlled lamp flicker.

Comet has also added two colors that to the best of my knowledge are not available anyplace else.  The first is sunlight, which falls between a warm white bulb and a natural white bulb.  It is a good choice for games that have both warm and cool colors on the playfield.  The second is ice blue which works well in a lot of games where the standard blue led doesn't get the job done (see Image 2).

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Comet Pinball New Products
Comet Pinball New Products