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Ultra Dust Ultrasonic Cleaner Additive Ultra Dust Ultrasonic Cleaner Additive Hot

I recently tried out a new ultrasonic cleaner additive from Comet Pinball.  Ultra Dust is a granular concentrate based on a formula that has been used for years in the jewelry and electronics industry.  It can safely be used on pinball plastics, hardware and electronic parts.

I tried out a batch recently and was extremely impressed with the results.  It worked much better than Purple Power, Simple Green or any of the other degreasers I have used in the past.  It works best with heated ultrasonic cleaners although you can achieve similar results by heating the water before adding it to your cleaner.

A 6 ounce package costs $10.95 and will make 6-30 gallons of concentrated cleaner.  You can learn more about Ultra Dust at Comet Pinball.

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Ultra Dust Ultrasonic Cleaner Additive