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Magic Eraser Magic Eraser Hot

The magic behind the Magic Eraser is the fact that its one and only ingredient, melamine foam, has a structure like fine fiberglass strands that gets down into cracks and removes dirt and grit.  This allows for removal of that infamous black grit with less abrasion than other techniques.

This product is great for cleaning up ball swirl marks, planking and ball tracks.  In the case of planking or ball swirl marks the area will need to be coated with lacquer (older machines) or clear coat to prevent further damage.

Magic Erasers are abrasive and should be used carefully.  The exact equivalent grit of ME's are not known, but generally estimated to be comparable to 2,000-3,000 wet/dry sandpaper.  As a comparison, Novus 2 is stated by the manufacturer to be 1500 grit.

Lightly moisten the ME with isopropyl alcohol when using and frequently clean up the white goop (a combination of alcohol and melamine foam).  Once dry it's difficult to get off and letting the alcohol sit on the playfield will risk softening the playfield paint.

Frequently check the ME to see if you're removing paint.

If there's a haze or dullness to the area when done, clean with naphtha and buff with a finishing polish.