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There is probably no more contentious discussion on the Internet than the best wax to use on a pinball playfield.  So before I enter the fray, let me say your choice depends to some degree on your objective.

If you're going for a mirror-like finish, you can't beat a carnauba wax.  Carnauba is graded by color, purity and where it was grown.  The highest grade is yellow carnauba from Northern Brazil.  Contrary to all the labeling that states, "Pure Carnauba Wax," the most expensive carnauba waxes only contain about 30% carnauba since the wax would be as hard as a brick if not thinned with other ingredients.

While you can spend over $100 for a Carnauba Wax here's a few options that won't break the bank.  One Grand Blitz Carnauba Wax costs about $30 and has won numerous contests.  Collinite Marquee D'Elegance Wax which costs about $30 is considered an old fashioned wax in that it takes some work to apply and buff out but the results are outstanding.

Mothers California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax Paste costs about $15 and typically wins in the moderate price class.  You can get it on Amazon or at most local automotive supply stores.

If you're going for lasting ability, there's nothing better than a synthetic wax (also called paint sealants).  Meguiar's NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0, which costs about $15, is a good choice and you can usually find it locally.  The top of the line synthetic wax is Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0, which costs about $40.

There are also hybrid solutions that use carnauba wax but include additives to make them longer lasting.  Two that I  like are Collinite Liquid Insulator Wax #845 and Collinite Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax #476.  The former was designed to be used on electrical insulators and will bead water for several months (auto application).  The latter is a paste wax that offers up to a year of protection (auto application).  Both cost about $16.

You can get any of the Collinite or Wolfgang products at AutoGeek.net.

Of course you can always solve the argument about which is best by using both.  A lot of auto enthusiasts first put down a paint protector and then follow that up with carnauba wax.