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Whenever you shop out your pinball game it's a good idea to clean and lubricate any metal to metal pivot points.  Contrary to some popular pinball myths, modern lubricants are not flammable and will not gunk up and freeze the joint.  The problem in the latter case isn't the grease anyways but the fact it typically hasn't been changed in twenty years.

It's still a good idea though to use a high quality lubricant like the Super Lube PTFE products that will not gunk up and in fact repel dirt (see references).  Do not use a silicon based lubricant since it will gum up.  A medium viscosity grease (Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease with PTFE) is generally recommended for pivot points.  If an oil is recommended use the Super Lube PTFE Oil.

Check your owner's manual for exact instructions, but in general you want to lubricate any metal to metal pivot points (i.e. - ball kickers and slingshots).  See Images 1 and 2 for the lubrication point on a ball kicker and Image 3 for the two lubrication points on a slingshot arm assembly.

Although many manuals recommend lubricating the target blades on drop targets, I don't since they are metal on plastic, but it's up to you. 

Do not lubricate coil sleeves or use WD-40.  Also, most people over-lubricate, it doesn't take a lot.  If you see gobs of grease then you've put too much on.

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Pinball Lubrication
Pinball Lubrication
Pinball Lubrication