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Solenoids Fire at Power On or Game Searching for Balls Solenoids Fire at Power On or Game Searching for Balls Hot

There are couple of different reasons why a pinball game will fire multiple solenoids when the machine is turned on, and/or a game is started.  Depending on when and how the solenoids are firing will determine which steps you take next.

The first scenario is when you turn on the game (this can often be intermittent) several solenoids all fire at once.  This indicates a problem with the blanking circuit, which should prevent solenoids from firing until the CPU has completely booted up.  If you are having this problem see XXX.

The next possibility is that several solenoids will fire sequentially (rather than all at once as described above) when the game is powered on.  This may also happen when you begin a new game or sometimes even during a game.

In this case the machine cannot find all of the pinballs, or in some cases is confused because it finds too many pinballs.  In either case the game goes into search mode and will fire solenoids one at a time until it finds all of the balls or gives up after 10-30 seconds.  For this problem see XXX.


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Jtg 2 years ago
So this happens to my data east batman - trough switches are acting weird- game won't start because it thinks 3 balls are missing...when in test mode I close the trough switches and they read as the "not used" switches, sometimes - this happens for all three trough switches and the outhole switch.... I noticed a lose wire and soldered it on the center switch but that wasn't the problem. As an example the center trough switch when closed would read as the center trough switch #12 as well as "not used" #60...Thoughts on what I do next?
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terryb 2 years ago
Hey Jtg,

Have a look at my switch matrix article. It's directed at WPC games, but the general theory is the same. False switch indications definitely sounds like a switch matrix problem. Also unless you're absolutely positive you got the wire back in the correct location I would remove it while you work on the problem and then tackle that issue.


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