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While it's not always feasible for a hobbyist to adhere to industry standards in regards to board rework, it is a good idea to understand those standards.  Plus, in many cases its not any harder, or more expensive, to repair a board to the IPC standards.

IPC (The Institute for Printed Circuits) is the generally accepted standard for printed circuit board rework.  While their standards documents would cost several thousand dollars to purchase, there is an alternative. 

Circuit Medic has an online guidebook that covers all aspects of board repair and adheres to the IPC standards.  While the guides are fairly simplistic, they will typically provide enough information to understand the best way to repair specific types of damage (damaged through-hole, lifted pad or trace, etc.).

Here's a PDF version of their guide.

They also sell circuit frames and other products that help in the repair of damaged boards.  Several of their products are mentioned in my board rework articles.

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