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While I'm not a huge proponent of upgrading circuit boards (in most cases I find very little benefit versus the risk of damaging the board), but there are a few updates that are definitely worth doing.


On your DCS sound board remove C37 and C45. This will help dramatically with the sound quality.  The difference on games like Demo Man is dramatic.  Williams did the same modification on later WPC 95 AV boards.

WPC Power Driver Board

If you experience the flipper enable relay (on the power driver board) not pulling in intermittently, change the 560 ohm resistor at position R208 to a 270 ohm resistor.  From Williams Service Bulletin 34.

WPC-95 Power Driver Board

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Circuit Board Updates

If you see that diodes D25 through D32 in the General Illumination circuit are getting hot and discoloring the PCB, remove the diodes and replace with zero-ohm jumpers. If you don't have a zero-ohm jumper use 18-guage wire jumpers. All games now being produced will reflect this change.  From WIlliams Service Bulletin 94.