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The purpose of this document is to provide info on all of the WPC board versions manufactured by Williams and used in Bally/Williams games.  There are three generations of WPC boards: WPC-89, WPC-S (security) and WPC-95.  The following versions are subsets of the WPC-89 family: WPC Alphanumeric, WPC Dot Matrix, WPC Fliptronics and WPC DCS.

All boards within the WPC-95 generation are interchangeable.  Some, but not all WPC-89 boards are interchangeable (details provided below).  WPC-89 boards and WPC-95 boards are not interchangeable.

The A-XXXXX numbers provided for boards in this article are not printed on the boards, but are from the game manuals.  Although there is often a sticker on the component side of the board with the A-XXXXX number.  On CPU and sound boards there are four additional numbers at the end (A-XXXXX-XXXX) which are the game number.  On power driver, sound, display, audio/visual and Fliptronics boards there may be additional numbers at the end (A-XXXXX-XX) which indicate the revision.

In cases where a part number is provided, this is the part number for the bare board and is printed on the solder side of the board.  Where available I will also provide a part number for the populated board and note it as such.  Note: Any board numbers with a check mark after them have been verified as valid and correct.

If you want to look up a specific part number and see what games it was used in, check out Øyvind Møll's site.

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WPC Board Versions

WPC Generations

WPC Alphanumeric

This is the original WPC board set with alphanumeric displays.

WPC Dot Matrix

A dot matrix display was added and the display board was replaced with a DMD driver board.

WPC Fliptronics

The flipper control was moved to the CPU and a Fliptronics board was added (see Image 1).


The analog/digital sound board was replaced with a DCS sound board providing much better audio quality.

WPC Security

WPC-S and later games have a PIC (programmable integrated circuit) security chip, which is game specific, on the CPU board.  When swapping a CPU board between WPC-S games the game ROM and the PIC chip must both be moved.  The PIC chip has an embedded serial number which is displayed briefly when the game is turned on.

NOTE: You can purchase the PIC chip at Shifted Bit or one of the major online pinball parts retailers.  The code is not available to burn your own.


The WPC-95 system was a major upgrade and as such none of the boards are compatible with previous games.  Most of the WPC-95 circuits are similar to earlier versions.  Exceptions include putting all the dot matrix display and DCS sound driver logic into a single logic array chip.  The bridge rectifiers at the top right of the PDB board where replaced by diodes.

In addition WPC95 games used a new driver board and audio/visual system.  The Fliptronics circuitry was moved from a separate board onto the driver board and the sound and dot matrix functionality where combined into one board.  WPC-95 also used a security PIC chip on the CPU.

CPU Board Compatability

  • A-12742 (5764-12431✓) was used in all WPC-89  games.
    All versions of this board are interchangeable between WPC-89 games.
  • A-17651 was used in all WPC-S games.
    All versions of this board are interchangeable between WPC-S games.
  • A-20119, A-21377 and A-21369 were used in WPC-95 games.
    All versions of these boards are interchangeable between WPC-95 games.

Early WPC-89 CPU's (Funhouse, Bride of Pinbot and possibly more) were jumpered for a 512KB or 1MB EPROM.  These boards cannot be used in newer games unless the jumper setting is changed to handle the larger size EPROM's (2MB-8MB).  See the following link for more information on CPU board jumpers.

Power Driver Board Compatibility

  • A-12697-1 (5763-12406-00) was used in WPC-89 games from Dr Dude to mid Twilight Zone.
    It has a flipper enable relay on the board.
    It can be used in all WPC-89 games.  On Fliptronic games the flipper relay will not be used by the game software.
  • A-12697-3 was used in WPC-89 and WPC-S games from mid Twilight Zone to Jackbot.
    The flipper relay and some other components were removed since they weren't needed.
    This board can only be used in WPC-89 games with the Fliptronics board.
    See note below regarding adding flipper relay and components.
  • A-12697-4 was used in Who Dunnit.
    The line level circuitry was removed and a solenoid fuse changed from 3 to 5 amp.
    The WPC Schematic Manual 16-9834-2 documents these changes.
    This board is interchangeable with the -3 board.
  • A-20028 (5763-14525-06✓) was used on all WPC-95 games.
    Fliptronics circuitry was moved to the PDB board.
    This board can be used in any WPC-95 game.

The following parts were removed from the -3 PDB and can be added back to "downgrade" it to a -1 board and make it compatible with all WPC-89 games.

  1. RLY 1 - 4PDT 6v 5A relay
  2. U7 - 4n25 opto isolator
  3. U8 - 4n25 opto isolator
  4. R208 - 560 ohm 1/4 watt
  5. R209 - 4.7k ohm 1/4 watt
  6. R210 - 3.3k ohm 5 watt
  7. R211 - 3.3k ohm 5 watt
  8. D39 - 1n4004
  9. Q99 - 2n4403

Sound Board Compatibility

  • A-12738 was used in WPC-89 games from Dr Dude to Twilight Zone.
    It is in analog/digital hybrid.
    It can be used on all WPC-89 games except WPC-DCS.
  • A-16917 was used in WPC-DCS  and WPC-S games from Indiana Jones to Who Dunnit.
    Pure DSP digital sound.
    This board can be used on any WPC-DCS or WPC-S game.
  • A-20516 and A-20145-2 were used in all WPC-95 games.
    This board handles both audio and visual.
    Either board can be used in any WPC-95 game.

There may be minor differences within each type of sound board.  For example, the sound board on Funhouse had some different resistor values than the Addams Family board.  Changes like this where made to affect the voice and background sound level.

Display Board Compatibility

  • A-12739-1 was used in all WPC Alphanumeric games.
    This board can be used in any alphanumeric game.
  • A-14039 (5760-12710-00 Rev 6✓) was used in all WPC-89 games with a dot matrix (Gilligan's Island to Demolition Man).
    This board can be used in any WPC-89 games with a dot matrix.
  • A-14039-1 was used in all WPC-S games.
    This board can be used in any WPC-S game.
  • WPC-95 used a combined audio/video board instead of a display board.

5760-12710-00 Rev 6✓ and 5760-12710-12✓ are completely interchangeable.  The newer board has a 74HCT138 chip at location U12.  Although the older board has a spot for this chip on the board it cannot be added without other changes.  The change to the Rev 12 board was made to solve problems created by newer style IC's. 

When repairing an older Rev 6 board with newer parts this same problem may arise as indicated by wandering and/or flickering dots.  There is no solution other than to completely upgrade the Rev 6 to a Rev 12, but at this time all of the required changes are not documented.

Fliptronics Board Compatibility

  • A-15028 was only used on Addams Family.
    This board cannot be used on any other games.
  • A-15472 and A-15072-1 were used on WPC Fliptronics games from Getaway to Twilight Zone.
    A bridge rectifier was added.
    This board can be used on any game, including Addams Family.
  • A-15472-1 was used on WPC-DCS and WPC-S games from Indiana Jones to Who Dunnit.
    A 50 volt filter capacitor was removed from the A-15472 board.
    This board is interchangeable with the A-15072 or A-15472.
  • On WPC-95 games the Fliptronics circuitry was moved to the PDB.

WPC Alphanumeric (10/90 - 4/91)

Dr. Dude*
Harley Davidson
The Machine BOP

  • Only about 100 Dr.Dudes are WPC (most are System 11).
  • Early production Funhouse and all WPC Dr. Dude games use System 11 sound boards.

WPC Dot Matrix (6/91 - 10/91)

Gilligan's Island
Party Zone *

  • A few Party Zone games are WPC Fliptronics-I.

WPC Fliptronics (10/91 - 4/93)

Party Zone *
Addams Family
The Getaway
Black Rose
Fish Tales
Dr. Who
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Bram Stokers Dracula
Twilight Zone

  • Most Party Zone games are WPC Dot Matrix.

WPC DCS (7/93 - 4/94)

Indiana Jones
Judge Dredd
Star Trek Next Generation
Demolition Man

WPC-Security (7/94 - 11/95)

World Cup Soccer
The Shadow
Dirty Harry
Theatre of Magic
No Fear
Indianapolis 500
Johnny Mnemonic
Who Dunnit

  • A few Jackbot games were WPC-95.

WPC-95 (12/95 - 2/99)

Attack from Mars
Safe Cracker
Tales of the Arabian Nights
Scared Stiff
NBA Fast Break
Medieval Madness
Circus Voltaire
No Good Gofers
Champion Pub
Monster Bash
Cactus Canyon