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Ultimate Playfield Restoration Guide

  1. Ultimate Playfield Restore - Getting Started
  2. Ultimate Playfield Restore - Repairing Inserts
  3. Ultimate Playfield Restore - Advanced Repair
  4. Ultimate Playfield Restore - Touch-Up Painting
  5. Ultimate Playfield Restore - Advanced Touch-Up Painting
  6. Ultimate Playfield Restore - Clear Coating a Playfield

Not all playfields need to be restored. If it's a player's game, if there's a single small wear spot by the ball drop or if you simply don't have the required skill set, just leave it alone. There is no shame in having a game that shows its age.

Only you can decide if you have the mechanical and artistic skills to tackle a complete playfield restoration.  There is also no shame in admitting you don't, but there is in having posts like the following made in regards to your work. 

"I've got a joker poker that someone has restored. The game looks great but unfortunately whoever restored it didn't bother to fix cupped inserts before they clear coated. The ball no longer rolls true over inserts and bounces around. As a player this is completely unacceptable."

If you think you're up to it, then this series (the articles are intended to be read sequentially) will walk you through doing a high-end restoration on your playfield, including all the tricks of the trade.

While these articles will give you the information you need there is always some technique involved and nothing beats practice. So get a piece of plywood and give it a try before you put your valuable playfield at risk.

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Ultimate Playfield Restoration Guide

Much thanks to Vid1900 for sharing his knowledge and expertise with the pinball community.

  1. Getting Started
    • Removing Mylar
    • Evaluating the Playfield
  2. Repairing Playfield Inserts
    • Removing Inserts
    • Sanding Inserts
    • Cleaning Insert Hole
    • Installing Inserts
    • Raising Inserts
    • Insert Decals
  3. Advanced Playfield Repair
    • Fixing Insert Ghosting
    • Repairing Gouges
    • Shooter Lane
  4. Touch-Up Painting
    • Selecting Paint
    • Airbrushing
    • Color Matching
    • Frisket Film
  5. Advanced Touch-Up Painting
    • Decals and Airbrushing
    • Painting White Areas
    • Painting Fine Lines
    • Repairing Planking
  6. Clear Coating a Playfield
    • Equipment