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Removing Rust From Pinball Legs Removing Rust From Pinball Legs Hot

Here's a couple of techniques for removing rust from pinball legs.  If you don't mind a little scrubbing you can use the Coke and aluminum foil approach.  Dip a small square of aluminum foil in Coke and use the dull side to rub the rusted legs.

This works for a couple of reasons. The rubbing action oxidizes the aluminum to produce aluminum oxide, which leeches oxygen away from the rust.  Also, the microscopic grains of aluminum oxide created produce a fine metal polishing compound.

While the liquid is mostly to add lubrication, Coke contains Phosphoric acid, the same ingredient used in Naval Jelly.

If you prefer the let it soak for a while approach, get some Evapo-Rust (Harbor Freight sells it by the gallon) and use either a wall paper dipping tray or some PVC pipe and caps.  Evapo-Rust evaporates quickly so the PVC pipe method provides a closed environment when sealed with the end caps.

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Removing Rust From Pinball Legs