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Addams Family Cloud Topper Lighting Addams Family Cloud Topper Lighting Hot video

The cloud topper light kit from Lee's Parts is a must have for your Addams Family.  I have seen other cloud kits but recommend this one since the LED's mount to the top of the cabinet and the light is directed up giving a very cool blue glow.

The LED string comes with the choice of alligator clips or an IDC connector for 12 volts and ground.  I strongly recommend the IDC connector based on my experience with alligator clips coming loose and shorting out.

The kit comes with good installation instructions.

You could also make your own light kit using an accent light string from superbrightleds.com.

This is also a good time to replace the three 906 flashers on top of the cabinet with some LED flashers.  I prefer the Ablaze 9-LED #906 wedge base flasher lamp.  These will provide a much better lightning effect during Showtime.

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Addams Family Cloud Topper Lighting