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Uncle Fester Mod on Addams Family Uncle Fester Mod on Addams Family Hot

I'm not a huge fan of mods, other than lighting, but if you have an Addams Family pinball the Uncle Lester mod from Pinball Pro is a must have.  Firstly the electric chair looks pretty empty.  Plus if you're familiar with the show Uncle Fester with a lit bulb in his mouth is iconic.

The mod is well made and has a LED light that can be connected to either the red or yellow light on the electric chair.  It comes with directions that should be sufficient for most pinballers. Although the directions include instructions on a no-soldering required installation, I would really recommend you solder the wires.

Don't be tricked by one of the morons on eBay who buys the mod from Pinball Pro and then sells it for twice as much.  You can get it direct from Pinball Pro or through their eBay store for $79.95.

I have also seen another Uncle Fester mod on eBay that does not have the LED but instead has Fester holding two wires.  There is no comparison, the Uncle Lester mod is much better.

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Uncle Fester Mod on Addams Family