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Custom Game Cards and NoFlix Pinball Card Custom Game Cards and NoFlix Pinball Card Hot video

I recently came across some custom transparent instruction and pricing cards at pinballcenter.eu for my Bram Stoker's Dracula Pinball.  While the cards by themselves are very nice, what really sets them off is the addition of the electroluminescent NoFlix Pinball Card (see Image 1).  The NoFlix Pinball Card illuminates the game cards from behind and provides a very nice red glow on the lower game area that goes well with the game's theme. 

Note: Each card draws almost 1/2 amp (400mA to be exact) so be extremely careful you don't overload a circuit.

I've attached photos of the installation, but they really don't  do justice to how good this looks.  Image 2 provides a good view of the quality of the custom cards.  Image 3 is during the day with only the right card illuminated (this looks way better in person than in the photo).  Image 4 is at night with both cards illuminated.  In my case I went with the red illumination (they offer various colors).  If you wanted a brighter look you could go with the white EL card.

The card comes with an inverter (converts dc to ac) with two input wires (red and black) for connecting to either a 6 volt or 12 volt supply (and yes, polarity matters).  The output of the inverter is connected to the card via a cable and connector.  This is not a beginner level installation and penballcenter.eu does not provide any instructions.

At a minimum you will need to solder and use your game schematics to identify a 12 volt power source and ground.  Make sure it's 12 volts supply not 12 volts switched--check the schematic--and if it doesn't work you're probably on 12 volts switched.  On my Dracula pinball I was able to get 12 volts from one of the opto boards wiring.   If you can't get 12 volts on the playfield you can run a 12 volt wire from the power supply or PPB board through the cable bundle and under the playfield.

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Custom Game Cards and NoFlix Pinball Card
Custom Game Cards and NoFlix Pinball Card
Custom Game Cards and NoFlix Pinball Card
Custom Game Cards and NoFlix Pinball Card

I mounted the inverter to the bottom side of the playfield and routed the cable around the bottom of the playfield to the apron.  By doing it this way the only time you need to disconnect or remove the card is when removing the apron.  As soon as I can I'll post an article on the installation process.

The custom transparent game cards cost 4.12EUR and the NoFlix Pinball Card costs 10.84EUR.  If you live in the US you won't see the price without VAT (19%) until you've created an account.  Shipping is a flat rate 10EUR so you should probably plan ahead and buy several items to spread out the shipping cost.

I've added a video which I think does at least a slightly better job of presenting how good these look.