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LED Selection and Usage Part 2 LED Selection and Usage Part 2 Hot video

This is part 2 in a two part series on LED selection and usage.  In this part we will take the lessons we learned in Part 1 and upgrade a Sega Baywatch to LED's.

Since the video pretty well covers the subject I'll just touch on a couple of quick topics.

After testing LED flashers I would not waste the money on upgrading them.  There was really no improvement and they're fairly expensive.  I usually do not upgrade the backbox lighting since it seldom looks much better and often looks worse.

If you do choose to do so I would use frosted 1 or 2 LED bulbs.

I used Cointaker frosted LED's for the GI lighting and their Premium 2 LED anti-ghosting for the inserts.  I also used the Cointaker flex (similar in performance to the Premium 1 LED anti-ghosting) for the inserts where the bulbs where mounted parallel to the playfield.

Note: I have recently switched over to Comet Pinball fluted LED's for GI and their non-ghosting 2 LED for inserts.