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So you've decided to buy your first pinball.  Most people enter this process with both excitement and some trepidation.  We've put together the following articles to guide you through the process and hopefully make buying your first pinball both fun and successful.

Deciding What Pinball Game to Buy

This guide will walk you through the five factors you should evaluate to determine which type of game you should buy.

What's a Pinball Worth

This guide will point you toward the resources for general pinball pricing.  In addition the variables that increase or decrease the value of a pinball are discussed so you can determine the value of any specific game.

Buying a Pinball

This guide will tell you where to find pinball games, what to do before you go look at one and some general negotiation techniques.

Inspecting a Pinball

Coming Soon.  This guide will walk you through inspecting a pinball machine before you hand over the cash.